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Our Starter Pack is a great way to begin your Dung Beetle adventure. It includes at least 25 adult beetles in a package.

This is a mixed assortment of wild harvested dung beetles from Central Texas. We include a wide variety of species. Size, sex, and species will vary.

These beetles are shipped live via USPS.

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We have several species of Dung Beetles that we collect here. They include Rainbow Scarabs (Phanaeus difformis and Phanaeus vindex), Tumblebugs (Canthon species),  Gazelle (Digitonthophagus gazella), Onthophagus hecate, Geotrupes opacus, Euoniticellus intermedius, Aphodius fimetarius, and many more.

There are 3 main types of Dung Beetles: tunnelers, dwellers, and rollers. Our mixed package contains all 3 types. Dung beetles consume and bury manures in the soil, increasing soil fertility and reducing pests that thrive in livestock manures.

Most dung beetles will be inactive or dormant in the Winter and very active in the Spring and Summer. Research is not available for determining the number of beetles needed per animal or per acre. They typically reproduce to meet the manure supply that is available.

Dung Beetles do not bite and are not dangerous to you.

The use of chemical wormers, fly sprays, and treatments for ticks/fleas/mosquitos can have a detrimental effect on dung beetle populations. The chemicals may kill the beetles, interfere with their breeding, or cause the beetles to leave the area. Try to use chemicals that have been shown to be less harmful to dung beetles. Cydectin and Safeguard are brand names of treatments that claim to be dung beetle friendly.

For more information about Dung Beetles, see the Dung Beetle Benefits in the Pasture Ecosystem Publication

When Your Dung Beetle Pack Arrives

Dung beetles can be shipped to most states. We pack them in a wood chip substrate. Do not allow the package to get hot or freeze. We always send a few extra to cover any losses in shipping.

If they act dead, just wait a few minutes. They will start moving and walking when undisturbed.

When you receive your dung beetle package, release them as soon as possible. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time. Scatter them around the edges of fresh manure piles. Release them into the grass, if possible, and not onto a hot surface, like exposed sand, concrete, or asphalt. Spread them out to several manure piles and several pastures, if possible.

Bulk or Special Order?

Contact us if you would like to order in bulk or need a specific species.

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